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What is Sierra Regional Center?
Sierra Regional Center (SRC) is a state agency that provides a variety of supports to adults and children with developmental disabilities. Supports include assisting individuals in discovering their priorities and preferences and in achieving their personal life goals.
Who qualifies for supports?
An individual with intellectual disability or a related condition qualifies for supports. Examples related conditions include: Autism, Epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy. Additional criteria must be met in order to qualify with a related condition. Your intake coordinator can provide you with the additional information regarding qualification.
How does someone apply for supports?
The first step is to contact the Intake Coordinator by phone at (775) 688-1930. The Intake Coordinator will schedule an office appointment. At that appointment the Intake Coordinator will assist in completing an application for supports, answer any questions, refer to other agencies, and assist with applications for Social Security and Medicaid, if necessary.
The Intake Coordinator will request that medical and cognitive information be provided at the intake appointment. The Intake Coordinator can assist in obtaining this information from medical and other appropriate sources. If no information is available, an assessment can be arranged to determine qualification.
How long does it take to determine qualification?
The amount of time needed to determine qualification depends on the availability of assessments, but generally it takes 30-45 days to determine qualification.
How much do supports cost?
Supports are provided on an ability to pay basis (sliding scale). Most adults and some families qualify for Medicaid, which pays for some supports. Families who do not qualify for Medicaid may have a co-payment for supports. The Intake Coordinator can provide additional information regarding fees and benefits.
What supports are provided by Sierra Regional Center?
Service Coordination - a service coordinator will be assigned to assist each individual in creating a plan of support. This plan identifies goals and selects supports from public and private agencies. The plan is reviewed and updated as needed.
Family Support - assistance to help families remain intact and which can include: respite care, counseling, financial grants, and in home training.
Jobs and Day Training - job coaching follow along and day training assist individuals in achieving community inclusion, increased independence, and productivity.
Living Arrangements - there are various options, including supports while living at home with family, living alone, or shared living arrangements.
How does someone access Washoe County School District supports?
The main phone number for general information is: (775) 348-0200. The number for the Special Education Department is: (775) 857-3161. There is additional information at the Special Education Department web site:
Are there transportation services available in the Reno/Sparks area?
Public Transportation is available through Citifare. Their phone number is: (775) 348-7433.
Door to door service is available through Citilift. For more information and an application call: (775) 348-0408.
Is there anyone who can teach me to ride the public bus system?
The Center for Independent Living offers 1:1 bus training as well as evaluations for Citilift. They also have an impressive recreation program. For more information call: (775) 353-3599.
Are there other agencies or organizations that support people with disabilities?
Yes, there are other resources available. For a list of addresses and phone numbers check out the Nevada page of the web site of: The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities.

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