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Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council

The Behavioral Health Planning & Advisory Council (BHPAC) is funded with a federal block grant received by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. 

The Council was established in 1989, under the name of the Mental Health Planning Advisory Council, with the goal of serving as an advocate for chronically mentally ill individuals, severely emotionally disturbed children and youth, and other individuals with mental illnesses or emotional problems.  The Executive Order was amended in 2013, changing the name of the Council, increasing its membership from 19 to 23, and adding persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse/use disorders and their families to the advocacy group.

The Governor for the State of Nevada appoints council members.  More than half of the members are consumers and family members.  The other members represent state agencies from Mental Health, Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Criminal Justice, Housing, the Division of Child & Family Services, Medicaid, and Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency

The three duties of a planning and advisory council or (PAC), as outlined in federal law, are:


  • Review the Combined Mental Health and Substance Abuse Block Grant Plan and make recommendations; 
  • Serve as an advocate for adults experiencing serious mental illness (SMI), children and serious emotional disturbance (SED), and other individuals with mental illnesses, co-occurring mental and substance abuse/use disorders, and their families; 
  • Monitor, review, and evaluate the allocation and adequacy of mental health, co-occurring mental and substance use services within the state.

If you would like to learn more about the Council, please click on the links to the left side of this page or contact the Council’s Administrative Assistant at (775) 684-4295.


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