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What is Desert Regional Center?
Desert Regional Center (DRC) is a state agency that provides services to both adults and children with developmental disabilities. A variety of services are offered in our effort to help people gain life choices, independence, and participation in the community.
How do I know if I'm eligible for services?
To be eligible for services a person must have a diagnosis of mental retardation or a closely related condition that is a developmental disability, such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, a Seizure Disorder, etc. A developmental disability means the condition was diagnosed prior to the age of 22 and results in a person needing support in areas of day to day living.
We will ask that you provide medical records, school records and other pertinent records that will help us decide if you are eligible. If you do not have these records we will ask you to sign consents so we can obtain them.
In addition, to be eligible for service you must live in Nevada and be a U.S. citizen or have legal residency status.
How do I open a case for services?
The first step is to contact the DRC Intake Office where a simple one-page application is completed. You can call the Intake Office at (702-486-7850) for information. They will ask you to provide medical, school and other pertinent records or to sign consent so that we may obtain these records.
Does DRC charge for services?
Most people who are 18 years of age or older are not charged for services if they have Social Security benefits or Medicaid. Minor children who live with their families and who do not receive Social Security or Medicaid may be charged a co-pay for services. You can get additional information from the Intake Office (702-486-7850).
How long does it take to open a case?
The length of time it takes to open a case varies and is often determined by the amount of time it takes to gather all the information and pertinent medical and school records as well as records from other programs in which you may have participated in the past. If no records are available we will assist you in arranging for the needed assessments or evaluations. The average time to open a case is between 30-45 days.
What services does Desert Regional Center provide?
Service Coordination – A DRC Developmental Specialist will be assigned to work with you. This person will help you develop a plan based on your interests and personal goals and will assist you in getting services from public and private agencies of your choice.
Family Support – This program provides assistance to help families remain together. They include respite, counseling, in-home training and cash assistance to those who qualify financially. There may be a waiting list for services that you request.
Employment and Vocational Services – This program helps you find a job or other opportunities to help you develop job skills that are designed to help you achieve increased independence and self-sufficiency. There may be a waiting list for this service depending on the type of support service you are requesting.
Living Arrangements – There are a variety of options available to help people make choices on where they want to live. Choices include living at home with your family, living by yourself or with some roommates. Supports will vary depending on what you request, need or can afford. There may be a waiting list for services.
How can I get a job?
DRC can help you find a job and help you keep your job. However, there are times where there are waiting lists for these services. We encourage people who want jobs to contact the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (BVR) at 702-486-5230. They will tell you which BVR office to visit so you can apply for services. They will assess your work skills and interests. Once you have a job DRC can help you keep your job.
Does DRC provide transportation services?
DRC does not have transportation services and does not pay for transportation services. If you need door-to-door transportation you can apply for this service by calling Paratransit Services through Citizen Area Transit (CAT). Their number is 702-676-1815.
For people who want to use the city bus system you can obtain a Citizen Area Transit citywide bus schedule by calling the Regional Transportation Commission Customer Service office (702-228-7433), and ask for a CAT ROUTE GUIDE. They will be happy to mail you a schedule.
Does DRC provide recreational activities?
DRC does not provide direct recreational services. However, Las Vegas offers many community wide opportunities for activities such as amusement parks, sporting teams, educational and hobby classes. You can request our "Resource Information Booklet", when you contact our Intake Office. This book will give you a good idea of the many options that are available in Las Vegas.
Structured recreational activities are provided through the City of Las Vegas Adaptive Leisure Program at 702-229-4900; Clark County Adaptive Recreation Program at 702-455-8278; and, the City of Henderson Recreation Experience Club at 702-565-3453.
Does DRC provide respite services?
DRC has a great respite program that gives families the opportunity to select their own respite provider or choose from a list of DRC approved provider list. There is a waiting list for this service.
How do I connect with Clark County School District's Special Education Department?
Entry into the Special Education services of the Clark County School District is through Child Find Siegle Diagnostic Center at 2625 E. St. Louis St., Las Vegas. You can contact them at 702-799-7463 for information.
Are there other support and advocacy groups available in southern Nevada?
In addition to the DRC "Resource Information Booklet" available in the DRC Intake Office (702-486-7850), a great place to call for additional information about support groups and other community resources is HELP of Southern Nevada. They maintain a current community resource directory. Their number is 702-369-4357.