Rural Counseling and Supportive Services offers a broad range of community-based outpatient services for both adults and children/adolescents with serious mental illness/emotional disturbance, including services for persons with a dual diagnosis of a developmental disability and a substance use disorder, regardless of ability to pay.

The various services include:

  • Outpatient Counseling: one-to-one treatment for children, adolescents, and adults (individual, family, and couples/marriage). The focus of treatment is on achieving treatment goals to stabilize the individual, family member, or couple.
  • Service Coordination: coordination of services to accomplish the goals of a person's treatment plan, daily living, and community integration needs, including arranging for transportation, training, education, and other supportive interventions.
  • Groups: developed to meet the current needs of persons served in a group setting, topics include, social skills, depression management, anxiety management, pain management, and medication management.
  • Medication Clinic: services provided by a psychiatrist and nurse, including assessment and medication prescription.
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation: group setting or one-on-one services designed to increase independence in the community by maximizing daily living skills.
  • Residential Services: independent living and supportive services to best meet the needs and goals of each person served.
  • Integrated Services: specialized assessment, treatment, and counseling services for people with a serious mental illness who have a co-occurring substance use disorder.
  • Consumer Assistance Program (CAP): specialized program that hires current/past consumers as State employees in order to assist and advocate on behalf of other consumers.
  • Emergency Services: during business hours, immediate mental health services provided in jails, hospitals, and other settings. These services can be accessed by calling the individual clinic. The after hours crisis call line is available at (800) 992-5757
  • Consultation and Education: staff provide consultation and education services to a variety of agencies, including jails, schools, Head Start, Juvenile Probation, and others, on a limited basis.

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